Give the boys good pocket knives, and what is better, give them a good workshop. Employed in it, they will not only be kept out of mischief, but they will be strengthening their muscles, exercising their mental powers, and fitting themselves for greater usefulness, when they shall be called upon to take their place in the ranks of men.
— Scientific American – January 9, 1864

Daniel's passion for building furniture blooms from a lifelong curiosity of 'how things work'. Continually keeping his hands dirty, he learned at a very young age there is a tremendous learning experience in constructing all sorts of objects. For Daniel, woodworking simply came naturally, and his native North Carolina mountains serve equally as an incredible inspiration and a home for nurturing his craft. 

Honing his interests in high school in a wide range of crafting classes including woods, leathers, and clay lead Daniel to enrolling in Appalachian State University's Furniture Manufacturing program, which he completed in 2005.

Daniel resides in Boone, North Carolina with his wife, Brenna, and their three children, Josiah, Noah, and Tessa. If you would like to share comments, inquiries, or ideas about projects you have in mind, please contact Daniel via: